In the old days the "Rendezvous" was a unique occurrence, originally associated with the Mountain Men, where many diverse cultures came together and made exchanges of goods, services and skills that influenced all who participated. Today, in the same spirit, the Wolf Song Studio Rendezvous web site brings together our many diverse talents to create one-of-a-kind, and unique artworks inspired by Nature. Come to the Rendezvous and see what there is to discover - there is always something NEW at the Wolf Song Studio Rendezvous!

Wolf Song Studio's 'Naturally Wild Art' Jewelry Collection is an exciting new line of art jewelry that combines the original wildlife artworks of J.W. and Sandi Baker of Wolf Song Studio, with the amazing natural beauty of the gemstone magnesite. 

Every piece is a unique reflection of its wearer. Unlike common decoupage jewelry, Naturally Wild Art Jewelry is created to last. Each piece features artwork beautifully reproduced on magnesite charms. Wear and even waterproof, a whole new proprietary process was developed to create each unique charm. This is the only place where you can purchase these designer pieces - each and every piece is truly a work of art.


The Wolf Song Studio Naturally Wild Art Jewelry Collection started with my new obsession of making jewelry. I was working with turquoise and silver between paintings when I discovered magnesite and fell in love with it's natural beauty. I wanted to incorporate our artwork into the jewelry, and set about trying to do just that. After much research, experimentation, testing and retesting I devised a new way to permanently adorn magnesite with our artwork. I wanted a charm that would be wear and water proof, and that would last as long as the stone itself. These charms are labor intensive and take several days to create, but the results are worth the extra effort. I started making leather necklaces with the charms as a focal piece and selling them at art shows. After much success and feedback I started making beaded necklaces and other creations with the charms. Each piece is created to reflect all things natural, beautiful and wild. It is our hope that you find delight and inspiration in our Naturally Wild Art collection.

- Artist Sandi Baker

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